Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WELCOME to 2014

Thanks for stopping by at Sweet Morning Farm's blog.  Most of the  time we are planting seeds, planning the garden, feeding the chickens and ducks, and generally spending as much time as possible growing things.  The blog, like most indoor activities, tends to be a bit neglected at times.  Rest assured, that only means we are growing delicious food for all of us.

We grow a wide variety of vegetables.  And some fruits.  And some flowers.  And poultry.  And we (that would be me, farmer Laura, and my son, farmer Rob) want to grow many more things all the time.  The garden teaches patience while encouraging optimism.  Last year we put in some more black currents and blueberries and elderberries and a few strawberries.  The peaches and plums and cherries we've planted in the past few years are growing nicely.  One of these years the CSA shares will get a nice portion of peaches and strawberries.  I hope it will be this year!

This spring we'll be planting more plum trees and an almond tree, some gooseberries, a rose bush for rose hips, and a second crabapple tree.  We were restrained, honest!  Waiting as patiently as possible until 2015 to plant kiwis, grapes, and asparagus.

Last season we tried raising some chickens to sell for meat.  It was a big hit.  People really loved the taste of their farm-raised organic chickens.  We'll be doing that again this season.  We also raised some ducks for our own freezer last year and may have some to share this season.

Right now I am mostly harvesting microgreens and leeks for our weekly customers.  The hens are laying well and their eggs are really large, colorful, and flavorful.  Rob built an addition to the coop this fall and by next fall we'll have around 75 hens.  (Get in touch if you want to receive weekly emails about what is available.

This summer Sweet Morning Farm will be at the Bernardston , MA Farmers' Market on Saturdays from 10-1.  That will be a first for us.  Stop by and visit if you can.  I hope to bring lots of pretty flowers, eggs, and salad veggies to market.)

Another big excitement around here is that we are in the process of putting a large portion of our land under a Conservation Restriction, with the help of the Franklin Land Trust.  It's been a long process but soon the land will be protected from building and the farm will be protected as a working farm.

This is the time of year that I am planting the earliest seeds and making planting and layout plans for the garden.  The leeks for next winter are just coming up while the last of last year's leeks are still out in the field under a low plastic tunnel so we can dig them for sweet eating.  The continuity of the tiny shoots and the last of the harvest pleases me.

Some of the crops I'll be testing this season include Malabar spinach, Calaloo, and cardoon.  I also plan on growing some cannellini beans, Christmas lima beans and black-eyed peas this year.  My head is abuzz with garden details.  It's like a field of buckwheat in the summertime, really busy.

The main thing is, we look forward to sharing the harvest with you.

Sweet Morning Farm is a tiny farm in Leyden, Massachusetts.  It's a labor of love by a mother and son team who are delighted to be growing good food, enjoying the incredible beauty of the earth, and taking care of our little farm.  We invite you to be part of our farm.  Come visit and buy some eggs or greens.  Sign up for the Eggs & Extras list.  Become a Farm Member by getting a CSA share.  Stop by at the Bernardston Farmers' Market.  Like our farm's facebook page.  Come to the farm and pick a bouquet of flowers.  (No charge, just a free-will donation)  Stay awhile and help weed or mulch or harvest and we'll send you home with some vegetables.  There are lots of ways to connect and be part of the farm.

Peace and joy to you.
Laura & Rob