Sunday, February 5, 2017

February 5, 2017 - this and that

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Baby Walla Walla sweet onions

It's early February and the planting season has started.  We've gotten most of our seeds in the mail and are excited to be trying some new varieties.  This year we'll be growing fava beans again, as well as soybeans and a few types of shell beans.  We are also growing both watermelons and cantaloupes!  The Iceland poppies were so lovely last year that we are growing a bunch more, including some Italian ones that are extra big and gorgeous.  We are growing fresh plants of Sweet William.  The old ones were getting kind of worn out last year (small flower heads and fewer of them).  I guess that it what is meant by a short-lived perennial.  We created a new herb garden in 2016 and will be expanding it this year.  We're growing lovage, lots of Greek oregano and rosemary, calendula and more.  It's fun to make new garden where there used to be grass.

Tiny Iceland Poppies

This winter we've been trying to get caught up on paperwork and home improvements (aka cleaning and decluttering).  There is a ton more to do and the available time for such projects is nearly over.  Robin has started tapping for sugaring, I have seedlings to tend every day, we're selling farm shares and going to the Greenfield Winter Market, and there is a baby coming in our family soon.  Robin will be an uncle and I'll be a granny!  

The high tunnel that Robin put up last year is growing delicious spinach.  We bring it to market and do our best to keep some picked and ready at the farm in the egg/extras fridge.  The spinach has been really great to have and to share.

Our hens are laying pretty well.  We have a range of colors and we're enjoying the new birds, Whiting's True Blues, that we got last spring.  Blue eggs are pretty!  We'll be getting more chicks this spring, including some Blue Andalusians, Delawares, and Araucanas.  We always refresh the flock each year so we have hens of various ages and production stays more even.  We're still increasing the flock size each year as well.  We sell eggs at the farm, at farmers' markets, and at Atlas Farm Store in South Deerfield.  We are also considering getting more ducks for more duck eggs.  How does that sound?

Last Friday WRSI played an interview with us as part of their Local Hero Spotlight series.  It was fun, easy, and good to meet both Phil Korman of CISA and Monte Belmonte of WRSI.  They are both professional, supportive, and inspiring people.  Interview will be posted here:

A couple of days ago the pigs (Spot and Spotless) got out and wandered uphill into the woods.  They really enjoyed rooting about near the evergreens and really didn't like walking downhill on the crusty snow.  It took both of us 4 1/2 hours to get them home and used every bit of patience we could muster.  It was a workout!

Wandering pigs
We plan on getting more pigs this spring and will be adding pork to the extras that people can get at the farm later in the year.