Monday, December 29, 2014


2015 is almost here.  It has been a lovely year here at Sweet Morning Farm.  Planting mushrooms, learning about sugaring, welcoming new farm members and old friends, selling duck for the first time, and a farm kitty cat.  These are just a few of our 2014 activities and news that come to mind.  We have been enjoying the quiet peace of December while planning and dreaming about the coming growing season.  In addition to thinking about the garden layout and planting schedule, deciding exactly what to grow and studying how to do a better job growing them, we are already sowing seeds!  Really, the garden never ends, it just changes shape and location.  Right now, most of the actual growing takes place in the house under lights where we have microgreens, hot peppers, and greens starting.  In a month or so, some seedlings will be transplanted to the hoophouse.  It feels like a dance.

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Thank you for being part of our dance!

Laura and Rob
(photo by Leslie Lynn Lucio)