Thursday, May 30, 2013

Farm Share # 2 - May 30, 2013

It's my week at home being a full time farmer this week.  I totally love it.  Somehow the rhythm of the day is so comfortable, even when the work is long and hard and sometimes puzzling.  I like farming and learning to farm.

This week is extra special because I have had several helpers.  We get stuff done and enjoy each other's company. A real treat.

And now, in the middle of the week, it's farm share day!

Half Share:
Rhubarb - 2 #
Mesclun - 6oz
Head lettuce - 1
Radishes - small bunch
Leeks - 4
Mixed greens - 3/4 #
Escarole - 1 head
Lamb's Quarters - 8 oz
Edible mustard flowers - 1 bunch
Green coriander - small bunch
Flowers - Tree peonies, Sweet Cicely, Kousa Dogwood, ferns, Centaurea, Leopard's Bane, Snapdragons, Irises, Swamp Azalea

Full Share:
Twice as much of everything plus 3 white turnips

Specialty items this week:  

Wild Lamb's Quarters, a delicious green for cooking.
Edible flowers from bolted Red Garnet mustard greens that taste like sweet broccoli.
Green coriander seed.  Use as seasoning for rice or anyplace you might like the taste of coriander.

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