Sunday, February 2, 2014

2013 in PICTURES at Sweet Morning Farm

2013 really was a lovely year.  We tried some new vegetables, new recipes, and raised chickens to sell for the first time.  Our ducks raised up three batches of ducklings, also new to our farm.  Robin built a fantastic addition to the chicken coop so we'll be able to keep more hens.  We were lucky to have several farm helpers and some lovely farm visitors.  (Not pictured: Christine, who came up several times to help transplant and weed, in trade for fresh eggs and veggies.)  We welcomed some new farm members, which always a treat, and we welcomed back some returning farm members, which is so encouraging.


Mixed in the year were some deep sorrows as well.  Some dear friends died this year and we hold them in our hearts and remembrance.

Last but not least, it was a year for weddings in our circle of friends.  It was a pleasure to prepare bouquets for two of those events and to wish the newlyweds joy.

Starting seeds
Duck play group, mama, ducklings and 2 aunties.
Rob picking chard in the fall.

Compost from Bear Path Farm!
Moscovy ducklings nearly full grown 
Picking microgreens in January
Easter eggs colored with natural dyes
Radishes from the spring hoophouse
Spring chickens
Daffodils in spring
Red Garnet Mustard from the spring hoophouse
Springtime Full Share
Springtime Half Share?  This might be a Full Share.
Sunflower from the spring hoophouse
Sarah!  A marvelous farm helper.
Friends came to visit, and helped pick the shares!
Antipasto, a favorite recipe of 2013.  (On a base of finely chopped escarole and romaine lettuce, dressed with olive oil and wine vinegar and garlic.  Yum!)
I planted some rose bushes this year!
We hatched some chicks in an incubator this year for the first time.
Marie!  A wonderfully supportive farm member.
Mama duck with her babies
A summertime Mini Share
Bouquets for the wedding rehearsal dinner of some dear friends.
A summertime Full Share
A summertime Mini Share
Our first pippen apple!
More antipasto.  (Our other recipe "discovery" of the year was frittatas.)
A mid summer Full Share
Lots of cherry tomatoes this year!  And farm members could pick as many as they wanted for extras.
More wedding flowers.  These were for the wedding of my oldest son.  Congratulations to Dan and Maggie!
Late summer Mini Share
Making perry from pears
Early fall Full Share
Early fall Half Share
Early fall Mini Share
Coop addition!
Coop addition progress
Finished addition!
Sunnies (sunflower shoots)
Flowers in May
Bok choy in the early spring
Roast chicken.  In 2013 we raised chicken to sell for the first time.
Kohlrabi in the spring
Midsummer Mini Share
Late summer Mini Share
Radicchio!  First time growing this and it was great.
Dahlia.  We grew a bunch of dahlias in 2013.  They add so much to the fall.
Fall flowers for the farm shares
Robin, working on the coop addition
A pair of Welsummers
(Note: It was way too tedious to change the order of these pictures so they ended up in random order.  Blogger may have an easy way to arrange the order but I don't know how and I've got seeds to plant!)

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