Monday, April 6, 2015

Good Intentions

Trying out new things intrigues me.  Renewing favorite pastimes interests me.  I get these ideas, like many people, that I will do certain things, and then life continues and those ideas remain ideas.  Dreams.  For some reason, luck, optimism, stubbornness, impracticality, take your pick, I don't give up.

So here is my current cookery bucket list:

1 - Make some fresh cheese using raw milk.

2 - Make some jelly from dandelion flowers.

3 - Make some rhubarb wine (preferably before the next batch of rhubarb needs picking)

4 - Make violet jelly.

The first two will be new endeavors.  The second two are revivals. I'll have to wait for violets and dandelions to be in bloom to make the jellies.  I've made violet jelly quite a few times but not lately.  I use Euell Gibbons' recipe from his book Stalking the Healthful Herbs.  It's pretty easy.  You start out by sitting on the grass on a sunny day in May.  The hardest bit is picking LOTS of violet flowers.

Next you pour boiling water over the flowers.

Then strain the liquid and add lemon juice.  The lemon juice changes the color to a beautiful pink.  After that it's a basic jelly recipe with sugar and cooking, etc.  (I don't actually have the recipe in front of me at the moment.  I spent time searching for the book but it's in hiding.)

Here's another blogger's version of the RECIPE.

Violet jelly is delicate in flavor and nice on a cracker with a bit of mild cheese or served with meats like lamb.  It would probably be good in sandwiches for a fancy tea party.

I am not promising anything about my bucket list.  I just have it.  And I have the hope that I'll be telling you about my cheese, wine and jellies before too long.

What are your dreams?


  1. Those deviled eggs look so beautiful with the violets. Last year a local nursery owner allowed me to pick off the dying but still viable rose petals off of every single bush in his stock and I made a gorgeous rose petal jam that was divine with roast pork. Do you grow your own violets or are they wild? I would enjoy that flavor, I've always loved floral flavors in food esp. sorbets and chutneys. Good luck with making cheese. I recently traded some Mardi Gras beads for a cheese making kit but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. Here's the link, the business is local, close to Yankee Candle in Deerfield. See you soon.

    1. I just gather wild violets that grow around the farm. Hmm, chutney. I may have to try that out. I like chutney but have never made a floral one. Nice idea.